[Archive] Red`s Chaos Dwarf conversions

Red Skullz:

Hello everyone, long time no see, and thats my fault..<br><br>For those who doesnt remember me, heres my previous blog on this forum: <br>http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7099&amp;page=1 <br>I was supposed to end the project with an article in that excellent e-zine of yours but sadly I couldnt make that happen due to personal reasons.

A friend of mine, and one of the most active members of our gaming group has been very kind and giving me all of his Eldar figs for my next 40K army so I thought Id make some Chaos Dwarf count-as-figs as reinforcements for his WoC army in progress. I will make some for myself eventually, but first things first :)<br><br>Heres the early WiP of the Bull Centaur unit (Chaos Knights w/full cdo):

Savage Orc Boar boys as the base minis, like these a lot more than my BB BCs!

And here`s the early WiP of the Hellcannon:

A new way of making Chaos Dwarfs, Storm Vermin body, some random boots and goblin heads with a pin. The Hell Cannon inspired from that rear shooting thingie


PS: If an article on my BB team is still wanted I can make it and you can use it at your own convenience (sp?).

Da Crusha:

Hey, welcome back. new boars mixed with new savage orcs for bull centaurs? you’re using the Krootox for a hell cannon? this is gonna be interesting. I’m really looking forward to how your models will be coming out especially after remembering what you did with your fantastic bloodbowl team!


I am looking forward to seeing your work. The WIP of the Bull Centaurs looks great. Keep them coming.


I am also excited to see what you have next

Red Skullz:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I`ll be starting with a Bull Centaur and one crew member just to get the testfigs done with, next in line is greenstuffing!