[Archive] Regular (non BFSP) Dwarf Warriors


Hello all, new to the site, need some converting advice.

Ubertecchies posted a good Sri Lankan site that sells BFSP specials but still but I cant wait to get my gribbly mits on some dwarfs and start converting now, and anyway in a couple of weeks exams are getting under way and I wont have time.

So I was wondering, seeing as my local store sells thenormal 16 model warrrior kit, are those convertible? Anyone here ever convert them, and if so, how?

Im not looking for a massive conversion here-just masks, beards and chaosy icons. I can do the rest using freehand work and colour scheme, and I feel that the weapons are good so no need to replace those.

Is it doable?


Hashut’s Blessing:

First of all, welcome to the website.

Secondly, have a quick look around, it’ll be better than anything I cans ay. Everyone here seems to have done so :wink: You’ll find a lot done from BfSP, which uses exactly the same principles, just you have a little more personalisation with ease of moving the arms etc.


I model the regular dwarf bodies into warriors quite often. I like to mix them in with my BFSP modeled troops for some variety.

I buy the bodies off of ebay from Hoard_O_Bits.

I usually get a group of 10 and make a sizable batch of green stuff. Them I basically take a glob of green stuff and model a belly for the dwarf and then I mount my mask on top of the belly. I like to let that dry and then come back and do the armor. I use Xander’s method off of You tube. From there add arms and shield. Sorry this is a pretty crude explanation.


As Maul says, you can use the techniques for the BFSP set for any of the plastic dwarfs really. The only difference is that you need to assemble the head/torso sections first, do your armour and then beard mods, then proceed to assemble the rest of the model as normal. For mine, I seem to remember adding lots of straggly hair to cover joins and generally tie the model together, but I think it works great.

You can also mix and match the plastic miner and thunderer arms and beards as well, although you might have to GS some extra gaps here and there.

Kera foehunter:

well i like to use mostly 6 addion stuff i do not like the cookie cutter bfsm

and hate the 6.5 lego dwarfs

with the verion 6th stuff you can use chaos maurater arm and chest

and also goblin part like there legs so you can have dwarfs with pance

even trade part with skaven

and you still can find them ! and there a steal on e- bay