[Archive] Remember the plastic Dwarf Lord?


The one who was supposedly released with 7th ed. Dwarfs, but whose mold mysteriously broke? :stuck_out_tongue:

Weeeell, apparently it exists, somewhere in the deep crevasses of ebay:


Got no idea if it’s legit, or even real, or even GW but I remembered the whole mold-breaking-discussing on TWF and Warseer and this amused me :slight_smile:


I vaugely recall the model but after games workshop worked out the costings of such a sprue in relation to the loss of sales on metal figures they shelved the model mould after making several hundred first run samples. Those that remain are the first run samples.


I am always amazed that people keep buying those. I know they’re collectible as they’re extremely rare, but the sprue/ models are really not good at all from what I can tell.

I’ve never actually seen anyone assemble and paint them.


Suprised essexgirl hasn’t bought it yet…

Pyro Stick:

wow cant believe that went for $285


but the sprue/ models are really not good at all from what I can tell.

I owned one myself till up about a year back and snapped some stills, their still up on Bugmans Brewery here. The models aren't exceptional no (mind you, this is a 2006 sprue), but the sprue is still quite interesting.

Never dared cutting into the sprue though, seemed such a shame.


TBH, I wouldn’t have bought that model on the grounds that t’s thoroughly uninspiring. It’s basically just 2 plastic dwarf warriors with seperate cloaks. None of the components would make me think “this is an epic hero of the dwarf race.” You’d be better with Xander’s tutorials and a touch of greenstuff.