[Archive] Reminder on what spamming is(1)


Just a quick reminder for people who have not read it yet to check out our sticky on what are spamming, trolling and flaming?

Typing replies of 5 words or less that are nonsensical or wildly off topic on a very regular basis does constitute spamming. Not that it is something we want to have to do, but occasionally the staff may delete posts like these that are wildely off topic, or nonsensical ones that add nothing to a discussion (and likely to throw them off into a tangent). This is not us being draconian, or using super strong censorship, we are simply trying to improve the quality of discussions where we can. If people notice this happening to them occasionally they might want to consider why. :wink:

We may all post short replies occasionally, often in the painting areas, but hopefully we also contribute in more meaningful replies most of the time.

The actual off topic section is a slightly different matter, here nonsensical off topic posting is perfectly acceptable, though the thread starters might want to direct their threads back on topic if they genuinely want serious discussion. That is not something mods should have to do.

Nothing personal intended by this thread to anyone in particular, just a routine friendly reminder.

Cheers all and happy posting!