[Archive] Replacement Shields


I just bought a ton of 5th ed chaos dwarf axemen but some are missing shields. What shields currently available have a similar size/design to the originals so I can arm the rest of my models?


Hashut’s Blessing:

I don;t know what those shields look like, but a lot of people use 6th edition Chaos Warrior and Chaos Marauder shields. Marauder ones fit the smaller bodies very well, but the Chaos Warrior ones with faces and the like on them are good too, especially if you go for a daemonbound style.


The 5th ed metals and 1st round plastic big hats came with plain ordinary round shields - and you’ll still find such shields in the bitz-section of the GW online store (Dwarf, Goblin, Skaven)


But you’ll find other cool looking round shields in the Marauder (available as bitz as well)/Marauder horsemen box sets - but there is also quite a few usable shields in the new VC Skelelton box set

Kera foehunter:

i would use the 5th add. dwarf shields there o most the same !!