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thats right ive finally got hold of Felix and this is what he said

"Hi Gill, Thanks a lot for your input. A chaos dwarf hero will come in the future, because it is a type of hero Ireally like. However it will be a more classic chaos dwarf style (not like the GW one’s with the big hat and so) as I prefer a classic chaos dwarf with medeieval type armor, hornes, spikes and stuff. Regards, Felix"

so good news for you hat haters out there :hat off

ive taken it upon myself to get some new chaos dwarf mini availible for the community i just hope felix does a cd with optional hat :cheers


Nice work!

Cool to know. :slight_smile:


oh yea cant wait

so exiting

Ghrask Dragh:

Thats really great news gIL^, well done!

I like all creeds, hats, helms and masks, so I will be happy with whatever he does :slight_smile:



The best news in a long time - a Felix done CD - can’t wait for that!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds good to know a CD will be produced :smiley: For those that dislike non-hats (I prefer hats, but don’t dislike t’others), you can always do a head/hat swap as I did with my sorcerer :wink:


a marauder style cd hero by felix , wow so cool :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

that’s the best new we heard in a long time:hat off


This is great news. Hopefully I can use it as a hero in plate style armour.


Awesome, can’t wait to see this one. Any idea how long he’ll be?


Did you refer him to our little home here so he can see what his target audience wants?


Awsome. I just love his work and him doing a chaos dwarf would be really good. To bad no hat but perhaps he can have that as a option? anyway, I will order one as fast as he is done,with or without hat :slight_smile:


i think felix has known about chaos-dwarfs.com for awhile, as time frame, i have no idea


Felix is very good at talking to his prospective customers. Bugmans/ Slayer Brotherhood for Dwarf, Warseer for every model now. Probably did Druchi.net (spelling) for Dark Elf as well.

So when he gets round to it I would expect him to join here and discuss.


This is a really good news. I hope we will see the Chaos Dwarf from Mr. Paniagua soon.

Pyro Stick:

Eventhough he probably could of done something awesome with a big hat i still cant wait for this. Its going to be so good.


Well donw, gIL^

If that doesn’t deserve some slaves I don’t know what does.


Cool I already use his goblin hero for my hobgoblin hero and slayer dwarf for a lord in my army! This just means felix is going to get more of my money!