[Archive] Request for Hobgoblin Pictures


I’d like to ask a favor. Could everyone link me to artwork of Hobgoblins, particularly the Mournguld type, either official or unofficial (the later would be better).

If you have pictures of wolves, giant ravens, hyenas or tigers in similar style it would also be helpful.

I’d like to add them to my army book as I finally lay it out in a proper PDF style.



Plenty of pictures :slight_smile:

Do browse through the unit options too.


Also, does anyone have the rules for Oglah Khan, Ghazak Khan or Gorduz Backstabber?

Since they have been discontinued by Games Workshop and, if I am correct, were offered free of charge for a time, I don’t imagine there would be any legal issues in relaying the details?

I am fairly certain I had all three of them around someplace, but I can’t find them any longer.


Think you might find some cool artwork here:


as well.


You can find some of Ishkurs in Isssues #1 and 3 of the Word of Hashut.