[Archive] Resin Casts


I noticed when I first registered for the site that someone had crafted a big hat and face and had done resin casts for their army…

I can no longer locate this thread… Can anyone help me find this so I can see how they created that?

Thanks in advance.:hat off

Lord Archaon:

It was Almighty Ishkur Cinderhat. Here is his tutorial


thank you Lord Archaon. Do you happen to know where the picture of the hat and face are located as well?

Lord Archaon:

I don’t remember Ishkur posting them here so here are the link:

Ishkur’s blog

Iskur’s Army Showcase

Hope it’ll help

:hat off


That’s exactly what I was looking for… Thanks for your help.

Ishkur does some amazing work. Those Chaos dwarves are just stunning.


Not sure why this was locked. In the future, a note should be left as to why a topic is locked.

unlocked for now.


it might have been locked due to me being able to find what I needed… And perhaps a mod thought there needn’t be any more information. Thanks for unlocking it just in case…


No need to lock topics, in my view, unless they have committed some wrong doing. We are pretty clear on the site about our casting Policies. So no harm done.


and our casting policies are as follows