[Archive] resin dungeon anyone?


Here are some pics of a resin dungeon I created and painted myself. I’ve made a few cast of these just for me at the moment but if there is enough interest I may start to produce them to sell  :). Some of the dungeon sections could also be used as diorama settings or also as dungeon bases. The large “arena” room is 15cm x 15cm (6 inches). The smaller “Throne” room is 10cm x 10cm (4 inches). The large corridor sections are 5cm x 5cm (2 inches) and the smaller corridor sections are 2.5cm x 5cm (1 x 2 inches)

They were really quick to paint up as well. These ones probably took me about 10 minutes to paint (not including drying time of the initial spray paint)

There are some heresy miniatures in there for scale purposes and a Rackham Minotaur which I based on a miscast dungeon section. The sections were all mounted on lasercut mdf so they all fit. together really nicely.

Thanks for looking

Da Crusha:

Yeah! lets play some dungeonbowl!


I hadn’t thought of that. With the new release of the computer game it’s perfect timing then!


You should make them available in IIRC 4’ x 4’ sections (after being put together of course) and market them as Arena Floors for AoW.

I think that’s the arena size, and I think they’d work excellent as such.


That would be cool. But that much rubber would cost me in excess of $400 I think (It could be done in quarters with 4 quarters looking exactly the same I guess)