[Archive] Return of the Sneaky gits


I haven’t played with my 30 men unit of very nice 5ed sneaky gits because of the 7ed rules. But what about 8 ed. ?

Now it is nice to have many ranks and you have support attacks.

a 6 wide unit have 18 poison attacks.

lets do a little math.

30 x Sneaky @150p 6x6x6x6x6 vs units of same costs.

Sneaky VS. Orc’s hit same time S 18A=9 hit 3P likely 6W = 3 D orcs - O 10A=5 hit likely 3 D sneaky next round orc’s don,t have choppa. So a little upperhand for our sneaky gits.

Sneaky VS. Ngoblins w spears and nets NG hit first 18A=9 hit likely 4,5W = 4,5 dead S - S 10A=5 hit 1,66 P likely 2,5 D NG So stay away from NG’s.

Sneaky VS. Marauders w GW S hit first S 18A=9 hit 3P likely 6W = 6 D M - M 6A=4 hit likely 3 D sneaky gits. So a real upperhand against Marauders with great weapons.

You can do more you self - but what you will find that Sneaky can be used again :cheers


I see them as being good against high toughness low armor units like ogres and monitors.

Border Reiver:

I used my 30 as a horde (yeah, I know they aren’t likely to be steadfast, but I like the idea of potentially getting 41 poisoned attacks). They had moderate success, but that was mainly due to the scenario (Dawn Attack) where they ended up on what ended up being a refused flank and were limited to taking out the artillery guards and a mortar. Depending on the opposition I would use a 5 or 6 wide column to try to be steadfast.

One of the few times these guys have been out of the case since 5th