[Archive] Return to Chaos Dwarfs, 2k


Looking to get a few games in with the tall-hatted ones again, what do you think of this list?

Sorcerer Lord [250]
Dispel Scroll

Sorcerer [125]
Dispel Scroll

Bull Centaur BSB [175]
Sword of Might
Armour of Gazrakh

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors [210]

15 Blunderbusses [180]

15 Blunderbusses [180]

10 Hobgoblins [20]

10 Hobgoblins [20]

10 Wolf Riders [140]
Light Armour

15 Black Orcs [253]
War Banner

20 Orcs [150]

2 Bolt Throwers [60]

6 Bull Centaurs [126]
Heavy armour



Need more warriors- and i’d mount the Lord… Otherwise its O.K.

Time of Madness:

Not sure I like it.

- Your character choices are “interesting”.

- You’ve gone for 2 spellcasters, I assume to dispel magic. But you’ve only given them each a scroll?

- The unprotected sorcerer lord has to be your general.

- The bsb would be a better choice as a normal chaos dwarf hero (not the bull centaurs).

Here’s some of the changes I’d make.

Just take the sorcerer lord and load him up with scrolls. This will then allow you to squeeze in another chaos dwarf hero who can act as the general. Gives this guy the black gem and an enchanted shield for some good protection.

The rest of the list is fine, however I think your combat units are a little on the small side (especially the orc units).

Hope this helps.

Time of Madness