[Archive] Return to Fantasy: Chaos Mutant Ogre Project


Hello everyone.

I’ve been a dedicated hobbyist for a few years now, having started when I was something like 14 or 15 years old, painting very horrible looking Orcs and Goblins with neon green dollar store paint, and then eventually giving up the project to go off to college where I learnt Chinese and eventually found myself living and working overseas.

Then, over there in Taiwan, I found myself in a model game store, where the brand new Chaos Warriors from citadel in plastic had come out… and I was like “WOW”… these are a big improvement from whatever their old minis were!  So I got back in the hobby.

Fast forward to collecting in Taiwan and Canada… and Age of Sigmar came out. Big disappointment for myself as Age of Sigmar was just not the game for me.  I discovered historicals and the rank and file systems behind many ancient wargames and jumped right into them. Sold all of my fantasy models except a handful.

Well, after producing Steepled Hat Studios (my small gaming company) first successful polyresin product The Desert Guard Tower, followed by our current Kickstarter, I’ve decided that since I’m registered as a supporting 9th age company that I had better get back into the Fantasy world and do up a Fantasy army.

Thus, I have decided to embark on a long project we shall call the “Chaos Mutant Ogre Project”.   Chaos Mutant Ogres are probably my most favourite monstrous miniature that Citadel released.  They’re lanky, weird, well armoured, sometimes have two heads and deformities and I just think they’re epic looking middlehammer looking beasts!

So , starting with my single painted fellow, and one yet to be assembled ogre, I embark on my quest to create an entire army based off of Mutant Ogres. Since historicals is my main theme now, this will be a sort of side project, where I slowly paint one or two ogres at a time and build up on it whenever I get tired of painting Greeks or Romans.

My first Ogre is already done and was painted a few years ago. I’ve improved as a painter so I am eager to see how newly painted ogres will compare to the first one.  I will slowly build these beasts up , and hope to have a nice little Chaotic force on hand to slay all that oppose them.


Nice! I quiet like the weird Chaos Ogres as well, so I’ll follow this with particular interest.


Nice! I quiet like the weird Chaos Ogres as well, so I'll follow this with particular interest.

It will take sometime. almost snagged some chaos mutant ogres off ebay last night for a great deal but was beaten last minute !