[Archive] Revenge Off the Hats


I have been planing to do this for years. But i have never gotten around to doing it. But since the new FW book has come out it has been itching in my fat fingers to get going.

I am a big hat lover and i am not scared to admit it :d i love the 90´s Chaos Dwarfs… But my green stuff fu is not that great but hey Might as well give it a go.

So i have ordert some warmachines from FW and the Character bundle.

But i still need the core troops so heres what i have come up with so far. ( the wird Thingie on the hats are gone and so is the gun )


I have seen some realy goodlooking hobgoblins out there based on Stormvirmin. But i am afraid that they would look to New Age compared to the old school CD. so i decided to use the Xander ( i think thats his name ) way… And ofc theres some trial and error parts. And my first one looks like he´s in a galeforce storm… But hey it can only get better :smiley:



Heh i have to admit im not a Big Hat lover as its the 80’s style CD’s that i love. But Nonetheless you have the start of a very nice army and you Green Stuffing Ninja Action is alot better then mine :slight_smile:

Look foward to seeing more.



Captain Crayon:

very nice :smiley:

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I am a big hat lover and i am not scared to admit it :d i love the 90´s Chaos Dwarfs...

That makes you a friend of mine.

The Greenstuff, looks good. It certainly better than what I can do.


Always nice to see a new Big Hat blog, keep up the good work!


The GS looks nice… you’re clearly off to a good start. Nicely done on the banner as well!

Keep 'em coming!



Nice start! Wanna see more of those big hats!


So i was looking around on the net last night. And what i found out was that 80% of all CD armys where red or lava inspired so i decided to do a 180 and go completly off the deep end.

In 40K i have an Howling Griffon Space Marine army and i have made the choice to paint my CD in a HG inspired theme :smiley: I like paint schemes that stand out from the rest.

Heres WIP as off last night


WIP of BSB Still a long way to go





Just bought 2 packs of dwarf warriors. and 2 packs of night goblins.

So now the plan is to start making hobgoblin archers.


heres an update on where i am at atm. There are stille a few touch ups on the dwarfs. here i am thinking about the hats and the shields. And with the hobgoblins i am thinking about applying some detail to their shirt so it does look like a shirt…

And i am thinking about making my second batch of hobgoblins into a robed hobgoblin. With and without hoods… But thats still only an idea i am thinking about. I still need to make atleast 20 of the ones i have now… The funny thing is that i am not even sure that i would want to use the hobgoblins. Besides the 2 champs on wolves. But its stille nice to have the option to take them now that i am slowly getting the miniatures

Kera foehunter:

You have to love the hats


Heres my first Bull Centaur. I know its a ripoff with my own twists. I liked the idea and since i get a massive GW discount i would rather make six for the price of 3 FW BC´s

I know they dont have big hats. But i cant find anything to use as big hats. I might change that in the future.

Let me know what you think.

Ohh and i am looking forward to the K´daai destroyer they had on display at games day