[Archive] RH 2000pts with a Lammasu

Time of Madness:

Went for the mobile lord supported by lots of T4 Chaos Dwarfs.


Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord on Lammasu

- Level 4 Death Magic

- Dispel Scroll

- Talisman of Preservation

= 495pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero (General)

- Shield

- Armour of Furnace

- Iconcurse Icon

= 112pts

Chaos Dwarf General ( B S B )

- Armour of Gazrakh

- Sword of Might

= 135pts


28 Chaos Dwarfs

General and BSB Here

- Full Command

- Warbanner

= 317pts

18 Chaos Dwarfs

- Full Command

- Blunderbusses

= 246pts

18 Chaos Dwarfs

- Full Command

- Blunderbusses

= 246pts


Death Rocket

= 80pts

Death Rocket

= 80pts



= 110pts

6 Bull Centaurs

- Champ/standard

- Extra Hand Wepaons

- Banner of Swiftness

= 171pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1992pts

I’m hoping the lord and M9 centaurs can create some problems for my opponents while the war machines fire away. The warrior block is hard to move and I support it with a bit of blunderbuss fire on the flank.

Time of Madness

Da Crusha:

I would give the 28 CDs great weapons because right now they are probably good at surviving but they aren’t going to be that good at killing anything. your army seems like it would have a lot of trouble dealing with high armour armies.  Im not that big of a fan of blunderbuss in 8th edition because charge ranges have increased so much. I can see a lot of units being able to start their charge from outside the blunderbuss range, minimizing their effectiveness, especially high armour knight units with an average charge range of more than 14 inches. I would drop both units of BB and put the points into 18 cds with Great Weapons, get a unit of 50 or so hobgoblins to get steadfast to hold up very powerful enemies and put the remaining points into a level 1 or 2 shadow sorceror so you can debuff your opponents weapon skill right before combat or debuff initiative right before attempting a purple sun.