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Purely out of curiousity has anyone played (an 8th Ed CDO errata’d ) Ravening Hordes CD list against the LoA list?

Why would I being the obvious answer, but just curious if anyone has.

Da Crusha:

I would love to play this out actually. I think I’d have a pretty good shot with my old 8th ed favorite list. probably would come down to who goes first. had lvl 4 death wiz on lammasu, 2 lvl 1 shadow, cd hero, cd hero bsb, a horde of 40 cd with gw, 25 or so cd with gw, a stubborn block of 40 hg, 2 death rockets and 2 earthshakers. I don’t remember what else if anything. general game plan, earthshakers slow everything down and pummel down the enemy with death rockets. lord with lammasu snipes characters and get in position for 2X miasma assisted purple sun with power scroll. oh those were the days…


I’d have to play against myself but I just might give it a go. At least I might finally win a game (as well as loose another one). neither army would benefit from having a decent general

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Bolg posted this one about a year ago. That’s the only one I’ve ever seen.


Thanks for the link Grim… Gunna have to go back and re-read it when I’m not exhausted.