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So hello all tought I should start a little blog of my own now that my army is begining to take shape. Sadly it will most likly be long time before each update. But lucky for me CD’s are a low model count army :).

So first thing I’ll post here are my two test subjects, sorry but dident have any good light to take the pic’s in.

The painted one is prolly how the colorscheme for the army will be. I like it… The qaulity of the painter on the other hand :slight_smile:

The greenstuffed dude is my trial dude for converting my own big hats. After having made that the tought that pepole on thesse forums could probably make nicer things just using their anus, ocured to me.

So I’m thinking of buying my way out of that for the time being.

Next update should be a whole unit painted up, or if some one wishes it a better pic someday when the sun is shining.

Well seya soon lol ^^


nice job

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Yes, nice job. Looks promising, so you’re clearly off to a good start. Now you just have to start cranking out the units :wink:


Thanks for the nice coments.

As promised I am off to a slow start and things will most likly continue like that. Will soon have half a regiment done. In the mean while I’ll share my Magma cannon. I am thinking of adding some arrows or something to the barrel. Make it more CD’s ishy.

Da Crusha:

very nice magma cannon that wood piece sure does work. the war machine as a whole looks a tad small but the appearance of it is great!


Looks pretty good to me, but as Da Crusha says a wee bit small. But I think it will looks way better once done and when you put it on a base!


Bra början. Perhaps you could also make it more high technological by adding something akin to the stabilizing arms that are a part of every modern artillery chassis (but smaller, of course): Lone Sentry: New German 105-mm Gun-Howitzer (WWII Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 30, July 29, 1943)


What Base seize is recomended for war machines? 40mm?


The barrel is pretty good but I think you placed it reverse!

The smaller end should be stuck to the gun, the larger to the front.

Invert it and you will have a great magma cannon.


Very nice but I agree the barrel should be inverted!


Ok Have quit playing all my MMO’s now, soon moving to my new apartment where I will have the space for a gaming table. So I need to start cranking out my units. Well sadly I havent gotten that much done actually… more like almost nothing. But I have heard that pepole can change, maybe I can to ^^

Well first I had to have something to build against. So I worked out a army list preety much Blatlently stole the concept from godhead. But he seems a nice fella and will hardly hold judgment… Seems most lists in sweden are 2400 points so I reworked it somewhat.

Prophet on GT

Charmed Shield, 4+ ward thingie

2 Deamonsmiths, lv2

3x12 IG, Musican, standerd

20 Hbgoblin archers, bow, sheild, musican, standard

3 bullcentaurs, gw

2x4 Fireborn

2 Deathrockets

1 Earthshaker cannon

So I need to get myself some hobgoblin archers, 8 fireborn, a old earhshaker and some sort of ogre. Sadly I dont like the fireborn FW has made. Not sure if I should try sculpting them myself or find some toys that can be reworked. Had imagined they should look something more like this.


For the hobgoblins, I’ll decide closer when the rest is done what to do, go mantic or buy some off the old ones from ebay.

And here is a pic of things in their curent state, pretty much evrything I had started working on dident make the list, sad really ^.^


Even slower then promised, here s an uppdate … well kinda. Been trying my hands on some more sculpting. Sadly I have to admit I suck. See if i can finish any of these projects this week.

Think I’m gonna drop the fireborn. Saw that reaper had some firethingies in their bone line thats comong soon, I’ll prolly just grab them instead.

Gonna try making a scorp for my TK’s

Gonna try making him like a old tall hat plastic one but in the pose and sieze of a BFSP dwarf.

Think I need to rethink my material for details, what I’m using seems to be to soft for scales and such, will try to make it with that but having it in frezzer first, otherwise I’ll have to bite the bullet and do it in Greenstuff.


well you did warn us. Only thing slower is someone who hasn’t started his blog…whoops that’s me.

Good to see your still working at things. keep on perservering

Kera foehunter:

lol I see you made it just in time rickie. I like your start on the chaos dwarf warrior .

I would have to agree on using green stuff.So sorry


Update time!!!

Between work, various MMO’s and Street Fighter 4 Not much painttime has been avalible…

But here today I present my first unit of GW CD’s. Only thing left is to Varnish, add some static grass and magnetice them. Worried that I would screw up the Varnish step I present them now.

Also fiddling with a banner would take me forever, so saving that till army is painted and ready to play.

Many misstakes on thesse dudes, first thing I have painted for a wery long time. Hope to get next unit to be better.

Expect the time between updates a tad bit faster from now on… maybe.

For Funsies here is my Trial Executioner for my DE project, and a old snap Of some of my old TK project. Will do TK’s last as the only thing they have going for them at the moment are the models.