[Archive] Rise of the Red Bull!


So while my new projects are my Empire and my buddies chaos dwarves I thought I would throw up my Throgg army and maybe later my beastmen.  The throgg army came about with the new beasts book and the fact that minotaurs could not be made core.  So I did this:)

fixing pictures


This is a very interesting army… Throgg is from WoC, as are Dragon Ogres, trolls, and giants, but the minotaurs are from Beastmen… how do you work that out?  Good progress, btw.  :D


Trying taking out the size attributes (width=600 height=450).

See example below - Please remove the * for the code to work.

[img*]http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/2/310986_sm-.JPG[/img*] <— Sample.

Here is what the above line looks like when the * have been removed. Nice Giant by the way.


ah the Ultraforge Giant, I have one of those too. great face on them, only let done by a lack of detail on the back.


Looks like Pluto from the classic “Hills have Eyes” - cool!!