[Archive] Robin Hood the movie

Time of Madness:

Anyone plan on checking this movie out?

One of my favourite singers is playing the part of the merrymen (the guy playing the lute). Alan Doyle from the amazing Canadian band GREAT BIG SEA is in the movie, so I’ll think I will check it out.

Time of Madness


The critics (which I read) aren’t very good here in Germany! :frowning:

But I like Russel Crowe so I will watch the movie whatever the critics say … :wink:



I may watch it when it comes out on TV.

Doesn’t look a patch on the Robin of Sherwood TV series from the 80’s.


I will be watching the film when it comes out, i think that is not really a robin hood film but a film about a guy whos names in robin, so when i go to see it i am just going to watch the film for what it is and not think of it as a robin hood film and compare it to the others great ones that have gone before.


The critics aren't very good here in Germany!
That's the same everywhere :)

I'll wait for dvd, though I'm fairly curious to see it as its a Ridley Scott film.


Saw it today, quite liked it. Some nice spin on a couple of old characters.