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About a year ago I converted and painted a robot army for 40K. I intended to play them with Dark Angels (Deathwing) rules, but I never did it. Though it was a lot of fun converting and painting.


These are cool - with a few alterations you could run these as a Mechanicum Thallax Cohort from the Horus Heresy book.

Da Crusha:

very cool idea. do you have more pics of the entire army?


Those look fun. They seem familiar but I can’t place it.

Da Crusha:

well I know the torso is the back of a terminator and I recognize various necron bits.

@Stiglitz: did you pin most of the joints? I would imagine they would be extremely easy to break otherwise.


Yes, it is the back of a terminator, upside down. The legs are combined necron and terminator parts, the arms terminator arms with converted weapons.

All arms are magnetized, the small joint doesn’t matter with robots.

I didn’t pin anything, everything is plastic and I think, the plastic glue is good enough.

I don’t have an army shot, but I can give you a few more pics.

with “lightning claws”

from the back side

“Librarian” he’s reading a spell from a book… in the background it was no real robot, but a librarians brain in a robot body… (IIRC all imperial robots have some kind of organic brains and my characters were quite independent and had “real working brains”)

and “Belial” with lightning claws

If you are interested, I can give you more pics and pics from prepainted ones…

Da Crusha:

sure! I really like what you have done.


some other pics of the librarian

and of “Belial”

Ghrask Dragh:

These are very cool indeed, hats off for creativity sir, I like the characters cause they remind me of general grievous with their 4 arm combo.


Da Crusha:

very nice! you even managed to sneak in some tau bits I noticed, very cool indeed.


Ok. one slave from me for the one who can tell which bits are the fingers of the librarian and “belial”. :hat off

Da Crusha:

Ok. one slave from me for the one who can tell which bits are the fingers of the librarian and "belial". :hat off

I have actually been trying to figure that out. no idea though.


another hint, they are plastic, too


Hey again…

the solution for the finger bits is:

They are plastic bits of battlefleet gothic (don’t know exactly, I believe they are supposed to be antennae or guns)…

some more pics of unpainted ones and a few weapon options, I did not paint:

from the back

“lightning claws”

a normal one with “stormbolter” and “powerfist”

this one was supposed to be a “banner bearer” - he wears a kind of radio transmitter, boosting nearby robots

“Thunderhammer and Storm shield”

“Assault cannon”

“Power weapon” I built it in 5th edition, a power axe seemed to be a good idea and a change…


“Heavy flamer”

Da Crusha:

ohh very cool. Love the wip pics. what did you make the shields out of?

I wouldn’t have guessed battlefleet gothic bits.


the shields are two front bits from space marine bikes, glued together :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

aww, I see it now.

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What an amazing idea! Who knew that space marine and necron bits would look so good together. Stiglitz such wonderfully ingenious modelling is what keeps me in the wargaming hobby. You have done a kick a** job on your robots and i can’t wait to see the completed army.


I have to confess, they are ready in the moment. I have 5 squads of robots à 5 and the two characters… making them a 1500 pts. Deathwing army (old armylist)…

Perhaps, I will add to this army in the future, but in the moment, I don’t do it. :frowning:


I remember what they remind me of now. There was a trailer for an anime police series I saw a few years ago. There was a little robot police officer with kinda bunny ears who looked a bit like them. No idea what the show was called though.