[Archive] Rocketeer?


If you were not to use the bazooka armed CD, how would you go about converting one of these?

Only idea I had was this

Where everything is covered by leather to protect against the blast of heat.  Also used as armour of course.


Might want to cover that beard up so it doesn’t catch fire! I like the idea of rocket launcher armed CDs but that concept looks a little too advanced weapon wise. I think it should be more like a mortar, placed on a bipod, and fired from the ground, but portable enough to either be carried by one or two men.

I think while using the bipod, one of the gunners could brace it on his shoulder while using a sight mounted on the barrel. The gunner firing the rocket could be sitting on a knee, while the second gunner either spots targets, protects him, and loads the weapon. Would be a cool portable death rocket.


re: bipod/tripod

Or the “cannon” is strapped to the back of a bowing/kneeling greenskin slave, as the Dwarf engineer lights the contraption… :slight_smile:

" ‘ere, ‘old this… an’ don’ worry about the cracklin’ sound…"

/lights fuse

/stands waayyy back.

Kera foehunter:

I like the hand held bazooka.You can hide him and he pops up shoots and he gone. Maybe a full fase mask like a welder mask.That can be flicked down when you shoot.


I think it should be more like a mortar, placed on a bipod

ok thats weird - i actually modelled that for my deathrocket. made a stand that the crew place a rocket on. I think its a good idea - maybe along the lines of a skaven jezzail in terms of shielding the blast. but maybe with more beards and armour :)