[Archive] Roles and Responsibilties


Now that the stakes have been raised higher I figured it would be good to spell out who is responsible for what. As the staff grows I do not want to have any confusion. I’m not looking to make the staff too huge, but I figured adding more people will help as long as they are dedicated.

Editor in Chief
Willmark- Oversight of the WoH, currently primary Graphic Designer/layout designer

Editorial Team
Sojourn- Editor
Swissdictator- Editor
Cornixt- Content Editor; Backup proofreading, Content and consistency, Quality assurance.

Support Team
Submissions Coordinator- Maul

Art/Graphic Team
Graphic Design- Willmark

The art team is one that I will look to grow at some point, there is no plan to post this just yet. Getting someone with design experience and a copy of Adobe InDesign would be huge. The look and feel is critical thou and this will be one of the last areas that I give up direct control on until I feel confident with whomever we bring on board. What I’m thinking is we might have them do several pages to “try them out” before turning over full layout responsibilities.

From the illustration stand-point we have a number fo people we will use as needed, not staff per say but people to keep in mind. Ishkur, Baggronor, Dulian (new guy, buddy of mine), Thommy fits in here as well

Submissions Coordinator
Submissions Coordinator- New Role. Already have someone interested, we’ll see how it pans out. This roll will be to coordinate all submissions, look to future issues for balance of articles. This will be more of the tactical variety type of roll, make sure the overview is up-to-date, etc. Basically this roll will take some off my plate. This will be a natural progression as we grow. As more time goes by I see my role becoming less about the actual work and more about the overall strategic picture and making sure everyone is doing there jobs :slight_smile: Currently, I feel thou a central position of one channel will be a good place to start, I’m doing it now, it can be passed off.

Again want the staff to get to the point where the work is distributed, but not too many to where it gets inefficient. In short more people, small team however, but focused.

As always, open to ideas.



I have offered a roll to two people and so far one has accepted: Viskar Zhragoth has agreed to join us on the Graphics Team, he will be helping in the layout of the Webzine so welcome aboard there.

I have also extended an offer to Servius for the Submissions Coordinator roll. He has respond back yet and I look forward to his help as well.


I suggest everyone who is new to this section review the thread especially Maul… :slight_smile:


Back from several days on the road. I am reading everything that I can find to get my head around the red pill that I took.


No worries as time goes by you will get this down just fine.


Nice timing. I have a massive project deadline at work - two weeks. Since I’ll be doing loads of (unpaid) overtime I have no idea how much time I can put into WoH until it is all over.