[Archive] Rotten Cannon


For anyone looking for a decent Hellcannon alternative, this is the Rotten Cannon from Rotten Factory. A new company that has pledged support to the 9th Age project.

Wheels look a little “orcy” in my opinion but could be swapped out.



Reminds me of the movie The Thing (1982). Looks good.


It looks great!

I am more of a fan of the steel and bronze daemonic cannons, but I know just whom would love to have one or two of those!


A little bit of work would make it ours quite easily

Timothy Archer:

like it very much , i guess im gonna have a third hellcannon :wink:

Timothy Archer:

ok ! 40 euros its really too expensive for a cannon with this level of détails, this is a good base for conversions but don’t Worth this price . i pass


For Nurgle themed Chaos Dwarves it would be perfect, it is a bit expensive for the sculpt quality… I like it for the right army or conversion, but I agree with Timothy Archer, shes just a bit too expensive for what it is.

I would buy Atom_Taylor or Sjoerdo’s Ass Cannon over this.