[Archive] RT Tyranids and Genstealers

Auretious Taak:

I am looking for old school Nids, 2nd ed is fine but if anyone has any old RT Nids, including the Hunter Slayers (precursors to the Termagants), Zoats (wooooo yeah) or the original pewter genestealers or their hybrids/patriarchs/magus’s et al then I am after some. I have stuff to trade, or otherwise can work out a deal. I don’t have paypal or anyting, rather deal in a trade of something for something and go from there. I’m in Sydney, Australia for postage guys, and am about to get 3 massive bits boxes including some LotR’s stuff (lots of rohirrim on horses) and other bits and bobs including empire stuff for fantasy. Will post up pics et al when the stuff gets in (made a trade for some RIFT’s books with a mate for his Nids and bits boxes so yeah, wanting to go old school as I prefer the older style look).



P.S. I have some WARMACHINE cryx stuff I might be tempted to trade away and also have a few doubles of some Town Cryer magazines for Mordheim if people are interested.

Auretious Taak:

P.S. I’m after specifically if you’ve got them the genestealers listed here and the hunter slayers et al: