[Archive] Rules ?: Auto-Hits & Poison


Reading the ID Charge thread, got me thinking about auto-hits and poison attacks.  Let just say you plow your ID into a unit of ghouls in the remaining moves phase, do they lose the benefit of poision because they auto-hit and do not roll? Or do they roll to hit to see if you get any poison hits, then take the remaining dice and roll to wound?

Same could also be said if you have a unit w/poision attacks locked in combat with a steam tank.

Thommy H:

I thought they got ASF when fighting the Iron Daemon if it didn’t charge, not auto-hit? I don’t have my book right here to check though…


I do not have have the book handy as well, however i believe you are correct.

The question remains the same however, but probably shoudnt be in this sub forum.  Rather tactics and advice i guess…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Fairly certain it’s gain Always strikes first, not hit autmatically.

Regardless, there is no die roll, so no chance for Posion to come into effect.

It’s the same principle as Poison and Killing Blow - a 6 To Hit means no chance to Killing Blow because you don’t roll To Wound. If there’s no roll, there’s no way to get a 6. If you wanted to make a houserule about it, you can - but it’d be a houserule.


The ID isn’t hit automatically, you roll to hit it as normal so poison works just fine, very well when you get ASF. Its not a STank.