[Archive] Rules query - Large Targets


This was raised in another thread but no definitive answer.

I apologise now if this is obvious - I’m not great on the rules and I don’t have the best of memories.

In the rulebook it says that large targets don’t get the bonus for hiding behind obstacles and then under obstacles it lists every kind of obstacle but doesn’t mention troops.

If I put my siege Giant behind a unit of Hobgoblins, will the enemy be at -2 to hit him?

Grimbold Blackhammer:


Troops are not ‘obstacles’.


That is great, thank you.

My plan now is to shield either my siege giant or Kdaii with a long unit of Hobs and steadily move them up the board then hopefully on the turn it would be best to charge, the Hobs squabble at the start of the turn, run away leaving a clear space to charge into. lol

Nah, If I can get my monsters up near his deployment, Ill be happy.


For the K’daii at least I think it’s abad plan. He will be wasting too much time with his movement 9’’ and he is very hard to hurt!


Ah very good point my friend, maybe wolf riders can do the same job.

To be fair though, what is going to shoot at a kdaii? Unless Im playing skinks or wood elves, I think I am pretty safe.

Your advice taken on board - Shield the Siege Giant and let the Kdaii fend for itself. lol