[Archive] Russian Alternative miniatures Fire Glaives up for sale


They are on EBay. I got mine!



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Yesss! I’ve been waiting for em


The link didn’t work for me… but here it what I got:

The Dwarves of Fire Canyon with Harquebuses



Yea sorry I wasn’t sure if it would … I’m using my phone so it was like mobile ebay… I know it doesn’t work for some people but I send links to my friend a lot and he can open them on his computer …

Back to the subject though … Definatly cool … Says it comes with 3 pistols . Interesting … When someone receives these id love to see a pic of the other 5 guys


Again, great models, love em!!

Could they pas for both fire glaive and blunderbusses?


I was gonna chop the blade on the rifle off and use em as blunderbuss


Very nice, awesome minis… Links work for me


I was gonna chop the blade on the rifle off and use em as blunderbuss

I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'll probably get 3 boxes and chop the blades off of 10 or so models. This way i can plunk them down in the front rank for WYSIWYG purposes. I'll leave the rest alone and use them as back ranks for Blunderbuss units or as Fireglaives.

Really excited to get these and start painting. By the time they get here, I should be wrapping up work on my bull centaurs.