[Archive] (Sale/Trade) Lots of Metal old WFB and Odd Sci-Fi for sale/trade...April edition

Blue in VT:

Howdy all…

eBay has been good to me over the last few weeks…time to pass along the new spares to you fine Gentlemen and Ladies…

The fine Print:

-I’m in the US but willing to ship pretty much anywhere as long as you are willing to cover the cost.

-Prices shown DO NOT include shipping. Ask me for a quote.

-Trades take precedence over sales…but international trades must be for multiple figures…shipping is killing me on small trades…

-My trade wants are here: Photobucket

-I don’t typically include bases with the figures I sell…if you want/need one just let me know.

-I will give discounts for larger orders…usually reduced shipping.

-Payment via PayPal ONLY

-If my price seems high then make an offer…there is no harm in asking… :sunglasses: though I may say no… :wink:

-Lets make a deal!

Alright then…here we go…

Chaos Knights and Mounts

Marauder Chaos Steed $7 each

Citadel Chaos Steed $12

$5 for complete chaos knight with “infantry” legs

$4 for Mounted Chaos Knight with damaged legs

$3 for just a torso.

Chaos Dwarf Mortar Crew (both) $6

16 Classic Oldworld Crossbow men (plastic Xbows included) $4 each or $55 for the whole lot (preference given to bulk buys)

21 Empire Handgunners $55 for the lot!

Classic 3rd ed Brettonians (Foot Knights, Retainers, Crossbows, and an archer) $4 each…discounts for bulk buy

5th ed Knight Errant (no horse) $4

Norman Horses and One Rider (spear tip missing) $5 each…$17 for the lot

90’s High Elves $3 each

Skeletons Top row $3 each (citadel) Bottom Row $2 each (HHG)

Empire Great Cannon with crew $12

Misc Empire bits…

Kislev Horse archer with mount $6

Puff and Slash Halflings…$4 each

Modified Hero of Ostland $5

Estalian Handgunner: $5

Misc. Green skins

Misc Orcs $3 each

Snotling $1

Forest Goblin $3

Damaged Forest Goblin Spider Rider $3

Orc Big Un missing weapon $2

Alternative Armies Legion Sci-fi types lot #1 $8 for the lot of 5

Alternative Armies Legion Sci Fi types lot #2 $14 for the lot of 8

Chronopia Flying Dwarf guy (?) $3

Drop me a note if anything interests you!