[Archive] (Sale/Trade) Lots of Metal WFB and RT40k lead for sale/trade

Blue in VT:

Alright guys…time to reload the Paypal account again…so I’m clearing out my spares pile.

Preliminaries:  I’m in the US but willing to ship as long as you are willing to pay for it.  The prices listed DO NOT include shipping costs…ask for a quote.  Many of these figures have been stripped of their old paint jobs so there is often some paint remaining…sorry about that.  I’m primarily looking for Paypal right now…but trades are also an option…here is a link to what I’m looking for:


I will often give very discounted shipping if you buy a lot of stuff at once.  Preference is given to those buying lots rather than cherry picking figures.

Alright here we go:

Skrag the Stealthy: $4 SOLD

Dwarf Hammerers including standard and musician: $4 each or all ten for $35  SOLD

Marauder Iron Breakers Incl Champion: $4 each or all 6 for $22  SOLD

Marauder Thunderers $4 each or all 5 for $18 TRADED

Rogue Trader World Eater (note broken arm) $8 SOLD

Marauder Wyvern (NO RIDER) $10

Skaven $2.50 each

Beastmen $3 each or all 5 for $13

Marauder Beastmen (including a couple of uncatalogued versions) $4 each or all 7 for $23

Goodwin Wood elfs $3 each or all 6 for $14  SOLD

Classic Orcs $4 each

Chaos Warriors $5 each just the mounted guy left

Empire handgunner $50 for all 12 (not interested in splitting these)

that’s all for now let me know if you are interested in anything you see.