[Archive] Salvage Crew Kickstarter


This sci-fi Kickstarter has a very unusual limited edition kit of road kill corpses. I think it would make a better seller than many of their other miniatures.


I like the 20 sci fi miniatures. For 30 dollars it’s a pretty nice deal. Great for necromunda or other skirmish games.

But that roadkill deal is bad man. 100 dollars? Look at the sculpts - they suck! Not even a handfull of those look like they been killed by high velocity blunt force. Stiff, static, straight pointing legs.

They mostly look like miniatures / toys made for standing up, then cleaved in half.

Thanks for sharing Admiral.


They certainly don’t, but it’d provide a boxful of corpses to glue on terrain, bases and tabletops instead of converting them yourself. Too pricey for what you get, by the look of other pictures. Apparently the “roadkilled” animals are very flat, so this is no high quality.