[Archive] Savage Orc� � Warboss

Leon Brachwurster:

Since I have gotten my hands on the 8th ed book many of times and have read a great deal of it, I have decided to do a Jungle Orc themed army with Savage Orcs and Spider Riders. I may even run them as Lizardmen. Anyway This is the Warboss I converted up. I am having a hard time finding Savage Orc characters that are not Shaman. So What do you guys think?


This guy would do well he is from avatars of war.

Arena Deathmatch
Or you could just convert one.

Edit: I seem to of typed my reply just before you edited yours, he looks good but I think something like a wooden mask would work better than a metal one.


Nice, savage orc warboss.

But i have to agree with kered…it probabally would have been better to add a wooden mask for him.


Great conversion work, i like the idea of the metal mask, he is a war boss after all and would have the best stuff, it makes him look like a totem as well a good focal point for the army


Nice conversion, but I have to say he’s not all that ‘orcy.’ He’d make a great Throgg and would really fit in well with a unit of Trolls in a Savage Orc army, but IMHO orcs should be muscle bound and stocky.

One conversion you might try is to headswap an orc with an ogre - it works suprisingly well and the ogre bulls have lots of awesome primitive weapons. You could get the parts off bitzbox.com for about £3