[Archive] scale armour


simple question how do I sculpt it?


The simplest form of scale armour can be done by smoothing GS over where you want the armour to be and then draw horizontal lines in it with a craft knife, then do the vertical lines. Make sure the plates you define are staggered. If you want “rivets” on the pieces, use an empty mechanical pencil, dipped in water, to make circular indentations at the top of each plate.

If you have more time, do each row separately, starting with the bottom of the model. Roll a sausage of GS, smooth it onto the figure where you want it, flatten it, let it cure for about 30 mins and then take the knife to it. Cut the outside of the “plate line” horizontally with the knife so you have a nice sharply defined edge top and bottom, and then make the vertical lines. Along the bottom edge of each plate you can trim the scale into your desired shape. Let it cure completely at then do the line above it. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire area.


My method:

Cover the required area in a layer of GS of a suitable thickness.

Divide the GS horizontally into rows by marking lines with a sculpting tool.

Using the tool at an angle, push the bottom of each strip upwards a little, creating a ribbed, layered effect thusly:        
/          <br>/          \ (side view)

Use the sculpting tool to vertically divide the strips into rectangles at regular intervals. What you now have is a covering of GS akin to roof tiles.

I then sharped the ends of each scale to a point (or rather an attempt at a point :~) but this is time-consuming and you may wish to skip it and have rectangular scales.