[Archive] Scenario Idea: Hellcannon Duel

Ancient History:

Chaos Dwarfs are creatures of honor, and questions of honor between Chaos Dwarf lords is often quick and bloody, leading to long and costly grudges. Faced with the realities of such a situation, Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs long ago set down rules for settling personal grudges in the form of a duel. Many different forms of dueling have emerged over the long course of history, but one of the most infamous is the Hellcannon Duel.

The rules for the match are simple: each side has an artillery piece (typically a Hellcannon, though a stationary Magma Cannon, Dreadquake Mortar, or Earthshaker Cannon is acceptable), which must be located 6-12 inches from the center of the dueling area. The players then begin the match. The player whose side is destroyed or flees first is the loser of the duel.


well the problem is. it could be done in half a turn. Might I suggest you fire simultaneously (rule wise). I that way you cant lose before you roll a dice.

(just my 2 cents)


To me, it sounds like a perfect mini game. The Hellcannon’s rules are wacky enough. Perhaps both players should fire simultaneously as Bolg proposed, but it might be more of a nail-biter if the players take it in turns to crush each others’ Hellcannons.