[Archive] Scenario rules for tzeentch wierd boy


Here are my rules for the tzeentch wierd boy… Pics will come tonight, or tomorrow.


points are still being decided.


5 3 4 5 3 4 5 10 4+(I)

Special Roolz

-Warped by da’ godz: Wazzbang has been warped by tzeentch, and has embraced his powers, believing they are from mork and gork. He has a 4+ invulnerable save, and any ork army including wazzbang may not include Ghazzghkull Thraka.

-Master of da odd: Being a wierd boy, and warped by the god of sorcery, he is able to chose which wierd-boy power he uses, and may select up to 50 points of tzeentch chaos powers from the chaos daemons codex.

-oi, where iz me legs?: The Wazzbang is able to fly, and is treated as jump infantry. He lost his legs in a fight long ago, and uses a chaotic flame to travel.

-Kaboom!: wazzbang is able to roll 2d6 for penetration against vehicles with a Armour value of more than 12.

-I has seen worse…: wazzbang has been through the very warp its self, and is fearless. This is conferred to any unit he join’s.

Im still debating the points, and the current rules.

Comments welcome.