[Archive] Scenery in 8th


Hope you all enjoy, are inspired or utilise my ravings, this is the result of too much time and access to just a calculator and the Warhammer Rulebook.

Ok this is just a little something I thought I’d share after spending some time trying to work out mathematically what is really required for a full set of scenery based on the random terrain generator.

a full set would include:

2 x Hills (1 unique)

2 x Forests

2 x Rivers (1 bridge, 1 ford)

1 x Marshland

5 x Obstacles (1 each type)

2 x Mystical Monuments

4 x Buildings (1 watchtower, 1 complex)

2 x Arcane Architecture

So not content with just a list of what’s needed, I then worked out the optimum order to build said scenery:

1 Forest

2 Building (watchtower)

3 Obstacle (fence)

4 Hill

5 River (ford)

6 Sinister Structure (mystical monument)

7 Magical Mystery (mystical monument)

8 Forest

9 Building

10 Obstacle (wall)

11 Steadfast Sanctum (arcane achitecture)

12 Marshland

13 Hill (unique)

14 River (bridge)

15 Outpost - Settlement of Order/Encampment of Distruction

1 Building

1 Complex (2 joined buildings)

3 Obstacles

1 Steadfast Sanctum/Sinister Structure (arcane architecture)

Some changes to the order of creation can obviously be made these are as follows:

2 - 3 are interchangeable however the need in senario 6 for a watchtower/building lends itself to be made first

4 - 5 can swap

6 - 7 can swap

7 - 8 can swap once 6 has been finalised

9 - 10 can swap

11 - 14 are all completely interchangable

Currently working on how theme my entire set around CD and the Badlands including signifiers for representation, for eg. I intend to make the mysterious rivers the “river ruin” with each of the differing types having a sign I can denote the sewer dump into.

I have others but would like to hear suggestions from those more creative than myself.