shane foster:

Hi im pretty new to this and its my first thread so unsure if this is the right place to do this message.

well ive been a big fan of chaos dwarfs for a while but since forge world has taken over the range i found it a bit too pricey for my liking so had to look elsewhere. This is how i found a site thats perfect for chaos dwarf converting. particulary taurus and irongaurd even the special version.

the site is


you will be wanting to see the moscals army section


I think a referal to special minis/companies would fit better in the “Chaos Dwarf Discussion” thread! :cheers

By the way the Scibor minis are familiar to us here at CDO -

especially Thommy H. has a quite “special” opinion concerning these company! :wink:



They are pretty well known here. Here’s the list of other CD-style models: [[Alternate_Chaos_Dwarf_Models]]