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Blessings of Hashut upon you, be ye tall of hat, masked of face or the even older ones!

Hey guys, am looking at possibly getting some Scibor models to be my unit with fireglaves, and I was wondering how they’d fit with the GW big hats? My initial background thought would be that there hats mark them out as an elite, just as grenadiers used to wear bearskin hats instead of shakos. Does anyone combine them in a force or do they stick out like hobgoblin at a best beard convention?

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Scibor models are much larger and taller (excluding the hats). The bear hats work well with big hats and the styles don’t clash TOO much, but the size difference is marked/noticeable - kind of a judgement call and personal preference, really.


There was a thread somewhere that had comparisons. My search-fu is weak today.


Several years ago I made some pics to show the different sizes of miniatures.

Here you can see a Scibor vanilla dwarf just beside GW Dwarfs:

And here ist the link to the thread!

I hope this will help you! :hat off



They are, indeed, giant dwarfs.


Not everyone cup of tea, but I use scibor and they are lovely. I must say I have NEVER had an issue with the cast or mould and the resin is much better than FW.

I bought 2 models for my army and fell in love, I promptly ordered 20 more.

To be honest at how cheap they are and the fact that you can order individual models, I would have a look at which one you want, buy 1 and see what you think. Put it in a unit, give it a paint etc.

The tall hats with the guns are the ones I fell in love with as they are beautiful to paint and the detail is lovely. I am not a great painter but I found it really easy.

I think there is one on my blog.