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Hi everyone!

I had sent Scibor an email regarding their Moscal line and this is the response I recieved.


I will add in this month Moskals general on bull in next month standards and musicians and some heroes.

I may also sculpt unit with 2 handed weapon if it is usefull for gamers.

Do You have any other idea for unit to Moskals army?

please write to mail scibor@sciborminiatures.com



So, for those of us that are liking the Moskal line.  Good news!  And it also sounds like they are very open to suggestions!  ^_^

Very very happy to hear about that.

BTW, here is a link to the upcoming moskal general!

Moskal General

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well frankly that guy is not new in any respect. Search for “Moscals” threads in this forum, we have one old thread just for the general, apart from the other threads on the other Moscal miniatures.


My apologies. If you want you can remove this post.

I should have thought to look before posting.

Da Crusha:

oh wow. well Im glad that his GT is finally going to go up for sale. I can’t wait to get it.


My apologies. If you want you can remove this post.

I should have thought to look before posting.

No worries dude, we all make the occasional replica thread. It's good to know that warriors with greatweapons are in the pipeline, although personally I doubt I'll buy any

Lord Fokke:

I would love to see great weapon dwarves, would take alot less green stuffing heheh. That general looks awesome. Wonder how much they plan on charging? If I got it I would switch out the feathered wings with some old dragon wings I have floating around. Would keep to the theme better than feather which would catch fire.


I do like some of his stuff, but his prices are just mind-boggling.

Interesting to see what he does for great weapon Dwarves.


Just a thought. Could they provide a second set of wings for the Bull ‘Taurus’ more akin to a Dragon/Wyvern rather than with feathers??

Lord Fokke:

I am sure they could but it would be expensive for a small company to do so when they already spent the money on molds for the feathered versions. Commercial grade molds arent cheap as opposed to the fast and easy hobby versions we can make with ease.


Seeing as he casts everything by himself (or atleast someone close by) it should be no problem. If he wants to do it anyhoo but I recall he is pretty open to suggestions…

Lord Fokke:

I would definately be in favor of it and would take the wyvern wing option.


Just a thought. Could they provide a second set of wings for the Bull 'Taurus' more akin to a Dragon/Wyvern rather than with feathers??

The standard dragon and LOTR balrog wings are both available on the GW site, as are the bloodthirster wings which could look pretty epic. I think that's probablly a better option - they're a small company after all and when they're producing minis specifically for our endangered community it's a bit steep to ask them to throw in extra options


Just wanted to say that the Dwarf on flying bull has been released:
28mm/30mm Moscal General on War Bull 28MA0029 (55$, 42.30 �,� including 50mm scenic base):

Other very recent additions are two further variants of the riding bear (30$ each) and a female Dwarf (9$):

28mm/30mm War Bear #3 28FM0044

28mm/30mm War Bear #2 28FM0043

28mm/30mm Dwarf Girl 28FM0042


That dwarf maiden is nice, but nowhere near as good as Werner Klocke’s stuff.


God I love those bears! Now I’m thinking of doing some bear cav for my dwarven army. If only I had the money…

The dwarven maiden is not bad, but Werner Klocke’s beats it with ease.


As good as Werner Klocke can sculpt, I think we all have to admit that in some ways he is quite limited…

All (and I really almost mean all) female faces that he sculpts look alike. Take a good close look at the eyes and cheeckbones of every female model he does…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Klocke’s work, but it tends to get repetetive after a while.

I find this female dwarf a refreshing sight… cut away the sword and give her an axe, and you’ll have one of the pretiest models out there on the market.


Hell I hate that dwarven maiden there is something quite more nordic halfling about it rather than dwarf. I must admit I love the bear, it would fit in nicely wiht a kislev army too. Very nice.

Lord Fokke:

Dude, I just received my new chaos dwarf king and great bull taurus. This model is awesome, it more than rivals FW on detail. Hell its an anatomically correct bull lol. That will get some chuckles at the game table. Totally recommend this model.

I am for sure buying in if they release some great weapon mocals(CD).


The NMM on the Dwarf Maiden model is stuning

Gar Shadowfame:

dwarf lady is great but i fear NMM painting covers that patterning isnt deep enough for conventional painting.