[Archive] scratch building an Earthshaker


I’m looking to scratch build me an Earthshaker but I have no idea how I should go about making one. Any suggestions?


Siege Shaker! Wooo! :slight_smile:

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well there are a lot of ways to do it, just check out the showcase area, and Xanders instructions on using some parts from Siege. I went another way, and used these to build mine…


I found them cheap on ebay, or here. The fram they come on is a bit blocky on the bottom, but after you clip off the excess, and put wheels on it it is almost the exact right size and shape to the old GW model.

It is plastic, and needs a little trimming, but is also easy to add details to. When I finally get a bit of painting done I’ll hope to have them up in the showcase as well.

hope that helps.

Viskar Zhragoth

Kera foehunter:

Dino just use a cannon you probly have. then get chains to stake it to the ground

then with green stuff pimp out the barrow. or use a bigger tube for the barrow

or do what i do look at all the other peoples .then get your idea


The very first thing you’re going to need is a concept design. Are you going to do a gw looking one or one of your own design? The next part is an eclectic mixture of mixing and matching bits combined with some sculpting. You would be suprized how much random garbage is great for conversions. Toothpicks, trash twisties, random throw away plastic are all great for converions. I would recommend green stuff press casting for mutiple skulls and other decrative ornamens on you cannon.


You should also take a look at Ishkur’s Earthshaker - based on a lamp socket and a great, great talent :slight_smile:


@Xander: I like the basic look and size but for the life of me I can’t seem to find where you get it.

@Viskar Zhragoth: Those don’t look half bad but it’s not as big as I would imagine an Earthshaker.

@Kera Foehunter: I thought about that and I had two problems. First none of the cannon barrels I had were big enough for me to call them an earthshaker(I imagine an earthshaker to be pretty big). And second I don’t have any spare cannon barrels.

@speedygogo: The concept design I’ll do as soon as I find a barrel that fits what i’m looking for. You do bring up some good points about materials for conversions.

@clam: You snuck in their. I saw this and really liked it. Though personally I would have loved to see some wip shots of it.


@clam: You snuck in their. I saw this and really liked it. Though personally I would have loved to see some wip shots of it.

Me too! - :hat off for the Master.

You can see them here @HoH: (Hope you don't mind Ishkur :))


6th post from the top (he is Ishkur the Defiler @HoH). In there you'll find some links to the WIP shots. Really don't know, why they ain't here at CDO.

They are so cool - and I'll do something similar one day - I guess!


I think the Empire mortar would be a good starting place.


yup any cannon will do just find a cheap one on eBay and start there