[Archive] Scratch-built CD Sorcerer


Hey guys!

Whilst on holiday i decided to sculpt a sorcerer for my fledgling army ( you can only spend so many hours doing sod all and drinking lemonade lol��:D )

This is him unpainted with my hero and black orc champ

Removable hat!


Painted in all his glory


Just to show that i have been a busy beaver, here are some more things i have been doing

First rank of chaos black orcs

Command for my CD warriors

Not bad for four days work!



great sorcerer!

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off Warplock! you have some real talent for sculpting, I am very impressed with how smooth the face looks when painted (painting tends to show up any faults in the GS so it’s a good tester as I’m sure you know). The removable hat is a great idea, I hope when GW bring out their models they have big-hats as optional parts on the sprues!

Where is the skull on the front of the hat from?


Thanks for the compliments!

Ghrask: The skull is from the 6th edition empire swordsmen sheild sprue, i use it quite alot on models as it is a great decoration


I love the sorcerer. What model did you use as the body?


They are all great, but I think your beards needs work. IMO, they’re not textured enough.


- Kyte


are black orcs the new plastic ones, or the metal ones? Hard to differ them really.


are black orcs the new plastic ones, or the metal ones? Hard to differ them really.

They are the plastic ones, the metal blorcs tend to stand more diagonally, and the command group give it away.


Very nice work WarplockM:hat off - I like him. Very nice face!


cornxt: I used a spare plastic dwarf body (the one with the cape). I only wanted my command with capes,so a caped normal warrior would stand out

Kyte: It was hard to texture the beard on this one, i have the ‘dreadlocks’ flowing up in the wind, so it was hard nigh impossible to press in the little lines. So instead i got the green stuff and twisted it, it was the best i could do!


I really love this sorcer, especially the face. Only thing I would complain about, as Kyte stated before, is the beard.


dude, the sorcerer kicks asses! he is so cool… whoa ^^

:hat off

Traitor King:

Yea, that sorceror is great.

IMO, the Blorcs look a little ‘bright’, as if you’ve used a white undercoat. Is this just the picture?


i like the way the beard is flowing in the wind as the ribbony thin is going in that direction too. really adds a bit of artistry to the composition.

The captain:

Very nice! I in particular like the face, very characterful!