[Archive] Scribe's Contest End Times Theme


Howdy! The next theme planned for Scribe’s Contest is an open format (meaning anything in-universe, including short stories) End Times theme. The plan was to get CDO to come up with something Chaos Dwarfen for the End Times, seeing how we haven’t been mentioned so far. Join in the fun.

However, TheHoodedMan pointed out that it might be best to wait until the End Times series are finished by GW to do so, especially since not everybody had a chance to get their hands on the End Times books.

What do you think? Should we take it next, or wait with ET theme?

You don’t really need the books, it’s enough to come up with something, like a prophecy or short story, linked to the End Times and CDs. Still, it could be an advantage to wait until all books are out.


I think that TheHoodedMan is on to something. I mean, you could say that you don’t need the books to write something End Times related, but on the other hand… YOU NEED the books to write relevant stuff. Chaos Dwarfs might have not be mentioned so far, but there’s something magical happening in the Dark Lands, and the Ogres are migrating westward (possibly trampling our domain)… So I would say wait.

Besides, the third book will be out this friday (at least that’s the rumor), I’d wager that the whole series will come to an end in February/March. And I suspect that we will be mentioned. I mean, they dusted off a lot of miscellaneous/old characters, and gived some love even to Zombie Pirates!!! I still think that the “clouds above the Dark Lands” is of our making.


I agree to wait. I also think we should work out some way of those who have the books being able to rely the fluff to those who don’t so that people aren’t forced to shell out for all the books just so they can enter; maybe there could be a sticky thread put up here or something put up on the wiki so those with the books can post up synopsis?


Besides, next contest will be Golden Hat or Artisan’s… Right?


Then we’ll wait. :slight_smile:

Next contest will be AC XVI, but it’s very dependant on Nicodemus since it’s his idea and I don’t want to rob the handling from him. It’s a great theme! But since Nicodemus is currently absent for a couple of weeks or so there might be a short two-week Scribe’s Contest launched if he has not reappeared until next week.


Scribe’s Contest’s main purpose is to amass a wealth of fluff created by the community, for the community, to be released in nifty PDF-files with layout and illustrations in due time.

However, there is nothing to stop this writing contest from including writing rules and scenarios. There will be an End Times theme Scribe’s Contest once ET: Archaon is released. By that time, do you also want a follow-up competition where the goal is to write new End Times style rules, scenarios etc. of your own?

I think it could be a lot of fun. :slight_smile: