[Archive] Scribe's Contest VII - Voting!



Welcome to the voting thread for the 7th Scribe’s Contest writing competition - Sports Edition - sponsored by Ravenswood!

“It’s a pass!”

Bezhukk the Immortal:


While the Silver winner’s prize will be this original drawing by Hunter[/url]:



Well done! A smaller field than anticipated, but good knock down, drag out competition, especially given that pesky 250 word limit. One in particular had me laughing out loud by the time I read it through. Cheers!


Good turnout though small in number, yep! Enjoyable stuff. :cheers

I must make a note to never go below 300 words in the future. Sorry for that, I’m just too lousy with numbers to realize, when writing the announcement on the quick, how narrow a limit 250 words was. Lesson learnt, but your entries turned out fine nevertheless.

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Wow, these are great and muchly nostalgic!

Raises mug of Orca-Cola:cheers


Nice entries and a great subject.


Hard choices! Well written guys!


Dang it, I lost track of the deadline for this. I’ve been completely swamped with work and thought the contest was open a week longer. Still, my attempt at an entry was nowhere near as good as these others. Fantastic stuff! Well done to all entrants.

Fuggit Khan:

Dang it, I lost track of the deadline for this

Yeah, me too...work and traveling to visit my Mom kinda got me off track. I forgot about the deadline completely.
But good entries to be sure! My votes are in :hat off


my vote is in.

And I want second prize by the way.


Last day to vote. Off to burning an end-of-April pyre now, have a good weekend folks!


Whisper a prayer to Hashut while at the pyre Admiral! :smiley:


Roger that, commander! One could easily see visions of K’daai. Omen-spotting has never been so easy. :slight_smile:


:smiley: True there was some mighty bonfires this year brother