[Archive] Scribe's Contest X entry

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

What truly makes a God?

The Four have been named the Gods of so-called Chaos and the mortals of the world have deities that number in the dozens and more. But where do they come from, these beings above all?

Perhaps they are birthed through the belief and actions of mortals? But this feels false. What of the grey-clad stranger who became the Horned Rat, what of the Father of Darkness of the Dawi Zharr? Both created or altered their worshippers rather than being created by them.

Are they lesser servants of those that sit at the pinnacle of godhood, who through trickery and deceit became near equals to their masters? Hashut is fire and darkness, a shard of the Lord of Skulls? No, Hashut is much more than a servant or shard of Khorne. Hashut�?Ts chosen wield great sorcery and whose worshippers are anything but �?~honourable martial warriors�?T. The Horned Rat is pestilence and ruination, a shard of the Grandfather of Pustules? No, for the rat is ever evolving, there is no joy within its heart, only envy.

But Hashut is so much more and so much less. He is the fiery light that births the shadow of which he is lord. Shadow and flame. Strange bedfellows but so intertwined. Light and darkness and yet impure. Missing. Was he a shard, a shadow of something greater, something whole? Not a shard of the others but someone else.

I see his fire burn and yet there is coldness to his flame.

I wish to grasp it and know him.

But I cannot.

A gnarled hand, cracked like molten rock grasped the scrap of cindered parchment. Eyes like shadows but with the intensity of burning coals peered at the disintegrating words. A mouth ashen and dark twisted into a smile.

Pappa Midnight:

Nice work. I especially like the point that Hashut “created” his followers, rather than being created himself.



This was my favorite entry this Scribe’s Contest.

Entertainingly colorful language, and oozing with dark mysticism.

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Thanks for your kind word-things. :slight_smile:

This one was a pain to write, mostly due to getting carried away debating what makes a ‘God’ a ‘God’. I had to stop myself from talking about other deities (like the Ancestor Gods, the varied death/afterlife gods, or questionable canon ones like Malal) and try and focus on Hashut more. 300 words was not enough!

The original ending wasn’t going to have the vague Hashut-like figure as I was toying with having a report attached commenting that the writer had been found burnt to a crisp (e.t.c. e.t.c.) or having my Vermin Lord be ironically the writer. I think I may have chosen the best of that bunch. :stuck_out_tongue: