[Archive] Scribus for dummies


It’s time to start clobbering together WoH #13. Almost all material is in now. For this layout work, the plan is to use Scribus.

Now, I’ve most limited experience with working with such programs. I’m bound to stumble across problems every now and then. Most technical issues will probably be basic.

Even so, any help here would be appreciated for when these issues pop up. This is my chance to get familiar with these programs. Although I’ll read on Scribus’ wiki and the like, I’ll nevertheless miss things and don’t get how to do it.

So, on the starting block the first issue is how to make a background image for the pages. Reading about importing images haven’t yielded anything so far.

How do I do it? I’d like to use the below two-page image if possible, copied from an older WoH issue. It’s in PNG format:


I guess you’ve already seen that website: Working with image frames - Scribus Wiki

So it pretty simple: You just have to go to insert -> Image Frame then make the image Frame as big as your Site. Next step you right click the Iamge frame and click on Load Image and select the PNG. Then you go right click again on properties and click on Image and then there should be something like Set to frame and you enable that. And then last you disable propotional. Now you should have the Image as big as your site.

If you need more help youre always welcome to contact me via jabber: philmacfly@jabber.binary-kitchen.de or even via WhatsApp if you want to. Just sent me a PM in case