[Archive] sculpting fire


I’m working on my fire wizard now is my question how do you sculpt fire.

Kera foehunter:

i use green stuff!! put in on the arm in a tube form!!for an exp.

roll a tube like a (cd beard) then put it on his arm then you take a hobby knife and pul up to make a point let it be thin and flat then do it on one side

then hang it up side down to dry!!


Put a tear drop shaped bit of greenstuff where you want the fire to be then use a knife or sculpting tool to make vertical furrows in the greenstuff to simulate the flames.

I’m prety sure some of the army blogs here have fire wizards with green stuff sculpted flames.  Have a look in the Army Blogs section and the conversions section.


I find fire mega difficult to sculpt convincingly, it always seems to end up looking a bit cartoonish. The balrog has decent fire on it, I suggest trying to get some pics and working from them.


As noted here: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/6437

The General’s Compendium has some tips.


Personally i use a lot of smaller rolls of greenstuff, and taper them to a point before wrapping then around each other. I personally think that getting the paint job right is harder than making a passable sculpt

Hashut’s Blessing:

I pretty much had a bulb, that I made into a point. i tried to score some furrows into it, then ended up squishing it together to get its shape back and it looked okay enough to paint. it was the painting that made it look more like fire though. Sousonou, come round and I’ll teach ya :wink: (Been calling ya for two or three days now, he he he.)