[Archive] Searing Doom vs Dreadquake


Can Searing Doom from the Lore of Metal be cast on the Dreadquake Mortar? Since the Dwarf Crew have 5+ armor saves, would that be used for the “to wound” roll?

Or since the Dreadquake Model itself doesn’t have an armor save, can it not be wounded by Searing Doom?

Or, if the Model can be targeted, can the hits be applied to the armor saveless Ogre?


Searing doom works on the armour save that the target may have. In this case it will be the 5+ provided by the crew of chaos dwarfs. Resolution of all ranged attacks and hand to hand attacks should be applied as the FAQ states. Please see the ForgeWorld Chaos dwarf FAQ. I do not rember the direct link but a google search will bring up the revised one fast enough.