[Archive] Second attempt at 2500 list

The Gib:

So here is my second attempt at a 2500 point list.  I believe this one is more well rounded.  Has and unit for I believe any situation.  Below is the list of what I have as well as a small diagram of roughly how I would deploy it, this can obviously change based on situations.

Sorcerer-Prophet �?" LVL 4, Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Crown of Command  350

Daemonsmith �?" LVL 2  130

Daemonsmith �?" LVL 1  95

Infernal Castellan �?" BSB, Banner of Slavery  165

Hobgoblin Khan �?" Giant Wolf, Enchanted Shield, Spear, Light Armor, Potion of Strength, Luckstone  88

Hobgoblin Khan �?" Giant Wolf, Spear, Light Armor, Shield of Ptolos  83

30 Infernal Guard �?" Musician  370

30 Infernal Guard �?" Musician  370

36 Hobgoblin Cutthroats �?" Musician, Additional Hand Weapon  166

2 Deathshrieker Launcher �?"  200

2 Magma Cannons �?" Hellbound  340

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders �?" Spears, Musician  70

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders �?" Spears, Musician  70


Infernal Guard      Infernal Guard      Hobgoblin     Wolf          Wolf

  w/ Sorcerer-          w/BSB             Cutthroats    Raider       Raider

     Prophet                                                     w/Khan     w/Khan

                Magma       Daemon-     Magma  

                Cannon       Smith         Cannon

            Deathshrieker  Daemon-     Deathshrieker

               Launcher      Smith         Launcher

My plan is pretty obvious.  Blast away with the warmachines and try to get units down to a minimum prior to hand to hand.  All units are stubborn or immune to psychology or big enough so I will not have to worry about anyone running.  The only other thing I am considering is doing putting the two wolf raider units side by side on the flank, as in the diagram, but actually run the Khan behind them for protection.  I tried to build the list in order to be able to take on any unit type in the opposing army.  Below is what I came up with.

Characters �?" Warmachines, Magic

Horde units �?" Warmachines, Magic, large core units

Small strong units �?" Magma Cannon, Magic

Magic �?" Chalice of Blood and Darkness, debating if I should take a dispel scroll

Warmachines �?" Deathshrieker Launcher, Wolf Raiders, Khan

Monsters �?" Magic, Warmachines, Wolf Raiders, Khan

Frenzied Units �?" At full strength use wolf raiders to pull them away.

The only area I am not ready for are units with low leadership.  Apart from killing them off I have no way to force tests, which I am okay with considering the firepower.  Let me know what you think and any advice would be most helpful.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It is an interesting list but I think it’ll get slaughtered.  Your 350 point character has a 4+ save so he’ll die to a stiff breeze.  Your Battle Standard Bearer is equally vulnerable and he’s carrying a magical banner which is better served by juts putting your leadership 10 General next to them.  You’ve equipped your Hobgoblin characters like you actually expect them to kill something but aren’t they just redirectors?  Give the Chalice of Blood and Darkness to the Daemonsmith in the back - it’ll last longer!  And see if you can dig up some points for a dispel scroll and maybe a powerstone or other power-dice giving option.  You’ve got three mages so play to their strengths!  Lastly, if you go into a Blood and Glory scenario, you’re army is in real trouble!

You’re premise is good - I think you just need to juggle some points around to cover your bases.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Yah I have to agree the theory might seem sound, but the list is pretty what the ell?

The khans should not cost 80 some odd points. 60pts a pop thats full mundane kit.

The wolf riders are not needed at all, and they are a deficit, the second they are out doing there job you risk a hobgoblin animosity test and that will in all likely hood lead to a self inflicted panic. Or just a dead unit, either way it will not be where it needs to be. Out of place unable to redirect.

Use those rare points you save to buy a dread quake.

Get a scroll into the list, keep the chalice its nasty.

Why is one of the engineers a lvl 2? Whats the point what lore what spell are you hoping for? If there is a certain spell you want you need 4 lvls of magic in that lore if your going to get it. 3 lvls like you currently have will lead you to going damn missed it.

BSB and general, why are these guys not walking around with 2+ armour saves and at least a 5+ ward? As said before your generasl ld bubble will keep the hobgobs in place long enough. Either defense these two up or give them offense but walking around with a hoogob banner?

I see your idea with the guard, 2 bricks instead of one, its interesting. But just from personal experience, blunderbusses do alot more damage. That for me usually means 1 brick instead of 2. Truth be told the hobgob brick is not needed. Use those points towards a kadii fireborn brick.

It is always nice to see a new idea out there, but having played many other armies for a long time, I can tell you if I was on the other side with any of my typical none CD lists, I would be rolling the words “free win” in my head. Not because I am trying to be cruel, because you have so many weak points in your chain that I can exploit. I too look forward to seeing what you can do with a more finished product.