[Archive] second attempt at CD's


hey guys, im bak again with what is now my second affempt at modelling chaos dwarfs. for those who didn’t read my first thread, i am currently waiting until christmas to properly start my CD’s as i know someone is buying me the battle for skull pass. i am however trying to get some modelling practice in before then and so i picked up these 2 plastic dwarf warriors and had a go woth these.

im curious as to what people think as i have not gon down the masks or big hat route. but because of this im worried that they don’t look chaosy enough, oh and before anyone mentiones it i realise that the runes on the shields could hav done to hav been taken off.

anyway all of your comments would be much appreciated.

peace out



Looks very good. I think most people do the masks because it is easier than sculpting convincing hair growth from the face.


I like these.��They are subtle conversions (compared to some), and well sculpted, but you still get the feeling they’re CD,

I think you should pay close attention to your colour scheme and basing.��These could help a lot to reinforce the fact that they’re not regular dwarfs.

The models work quite well tonally, but they lack contrast IMO. It may just be the lighting, but I think you should introduce a second metal colour (i.e. bronze or gold).��This would probably help the various parts of the model to stand out better. Maybe highlighting the helmet to a brighter silver would do it? Not quite sure.


Kera foehunter:

I like them !!! they even have stolen dwarf shields sweeet


hey im glad u all like them, like i sed i was just worried that they still looked a little too much like normal dwarfs. as for based im planning on buying some of the lava ones off of ebay. they’re like �3 for 10 so the proce isn’t too bad. i hav heard about people making there own though. any tips?


They look like CD, but I think they would look even better with axes preferably rounded ones and some chaosy icon on the shields.

I’m considering converting some CD my self and was thinking doing something like yours.


for making lava bases go with cork board. it makes great basing material, paints great, and looks real.