[Archive] Seige games


Has anyone played or toyed with a CD army for seige lately?

Our club has a game organised for mid february. So far the defenders, 2000pts ea, are Vanilla dwarfs ( x 2) and brettonians. And 3000pts ea of attackers. Myself with CD’s, one of ogres and another possibly O&G.

I can field almost everything, but I will have to jury rig a dreadquake, seige giant or skullcracker if they are better options.


We’ve only played one siege, not with CDs though… But Im rather sure that the attacker and defender use the same points.


What rules should be used for siege? I would like to try a siege games. CDs must be one of the best armies for that job. Many warmachines and tough as nails grunts.


There are rules in Blood in the Badlands.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Rules in Blood int he Badlands essentially are - treat each section as a building. Simple enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used them in a handful of siege games (more Ravening Hordes than Legion of Azgorh) - defending we’re pretty lethal as they waltz up to hordes of guns. Offence - we’re better at killing models inside the building than taking the building directly.


I have the Generals Compendium and the OOP Seige Rulebook to them to run the game with.

I don’t have the newer “blood in badlands” book.

Attackers get to have more points than defenders. I’ll check but I’m pretty sure its double