[Archive] Selling Chaos Dwarf Army (Some scratch built) W: DE, SM, Necron, Infinity (JSA)

The Gib:

Looking to sell my entire chaos dwarf army.  Just can’t get into the play style.  I will try to add pictures a little later, just wanted to go ahead and get the list of what I have out there.


3 Pro Painted models that can be used as Sorcerer Prophet or Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Infernal Castellan

Khan on Wolf


10 FW Infernal Guard (Bases have lava on them, models are NOS)

10 FW Infernal Guard Command  (models are NOS)

45 Hobgoblins (Fully painted, based and magnetized)


Magma Cannon w/crew (Scratch built, fully painted)

2 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (One fully painted w/crew)

3 Bull Centaurs Full Command (Scratch built from chaos knights and beastmen)


K’Daai Destroyer (WOW Dwarf, based black, base is painted lava, some conversion work done)

Hellcannon (Partially assembled, cannon barrel is not the original but is fully painted)]

For photos please see link below


Any models that do not currently have photos I will try to get them up on here soon.  Asking $325 +shipping.  Shipping will depend on where they need to be sent.  Coming from USA.  Please PM with any questions or interest.


Dark Eldar:


Kabalite Warriors

Grey Knights:

Interested in hearing about most anything


Interested in hearing about most anything


Looking to start a JSA army so I’m open to any offers that include this force.


Would you be willing to split it up?

The Gib:

Not looking to split anything up at this point

The Gib:

Updates to Wants:

Willing to trasde this army for a fantasdy or 40k army. Don’t really have a specific one in mind just looking to see what is out there. The only two armies not willing to take are Eldar and High Elves, I already have both. Also looking into Mordheim and Infinity. Don’t want to split the army up so the trade will have to be for full CD army. As far as painting interested in models well painted or not painted at all.

The Gib:

Quick update on Wants. I would be very interested a chariot heavy Beastmen list. If anyone has this or any good trades for beastmen please PM me.

The Gib:

Updated wants for this army. Willing to split up the army