[Archive] Selling Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf/Legion of Azgorh Army


Looking to sell my Chaos Dwarf army. Doesn’t look like I will ever get to it. Nothing is painted, unless noted otherwise.

Iron Daemon x 1 (assembled)
K�?TDaai Fireborn x 6 (assembled)
Dreadquake Mortar x 1 (NOS)
Drazhoath the Ashen x 1 (partially assembled)
Daemonsmiths x 3 (NOS)
Bull Centaur Tau�?TRuk x 1 (NOS)
Bull Centaurs x 6 (assembled w/ magnetized hand weapons)
Infernal Command x 1 (NOS)
Infernal Guard Command x 1 (assembled)
Infernal Guard w/ Fireglaives x 20 (partially painted)
Infernal Guard Ironsworn x 26 (partially painted)
Magma Cannon x 1 (assembled)
Deathshriek x 1 (assembled)
Skullcracker x 1 (NOS)
Converted Lhammasu x 1 (assembled)
Helcannon x 1 (finecast, NOS)
Helcannon x 1 (partial, finecast; GW sent me a Hellcannon with two of the same sides of the cannon-all other parts accounted for)
Helcannon x 1 (partially painted, no crew-can provide dwarf crew)

I’m looking for $595 for the lot. Would prefer not to split it up. I’m in the US. You can see some pictures here:


PM me with any additional questions or pic requests.


Oooh interesting lot- if you do end up splitting thins up (or someone wants to go in for a group purchase) - I’d be interested in the Daemonsmiths and the Taur’ruk… not to mention assorted crewmen


I might be interested in:

Drazhoath the Ashen

Converted Lammasu (did you have the bulls head still?)

Iron Deamon

Dreadquake Mortar

Magma Cannon




So if a group order goes on keep me in mind, don’t know how much I wanted the forgeworld stuff but for the right deal I can make space on my shelves :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to get a hold of the Bull Centaurs should you decide to split the lot up.


What part of the US are you in? I’m in Oregon and possibly interested.


I’m in Houston. Price includes shipping if that’s the concern. PM sent.